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Project Management

MRS is a specialist provider of project management services uniquely tailored to project and client needs.

Contract Personnel

At MRS we are focused on sourcing the right people to power our client’s projects.

Quality Management

MRS services involving Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are utilised by clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

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What else we provide?

Plant Hire

As part of the MRS Group we offer we provide wet plant hire solutions with modern low hour equipment and experienced capable operators through our subsidiary company Bachmann Plant Hire

State of the art systems

Our state of the art systems provides clients with real time data ensuring reduction of costs and increased profitability

ISO Accredited

MRS has an ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification

What our clients say

My experience working with MRS is like nothing that i had before, the support that i have received from MRS team is wonderful, I feel part of a big family.  Working on APLNG project was a great experience for me, professionally and personally.  Thanks MRS.

Effie K.

I was recruited to current project through Danny O’Donnel , Who was honest and straightforward from the beginning, which I have found rare in recruitment previously, and since signing on for 12 months on the APLNG project I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jacqui Stuart who has continued to provide support including fixing up the occasional invoice mistake by myself!, and who i would consider an asset to “MRS”.  I continue to enjoy the role and hope it continues into the future.

Mike E.

I’ve been truly happy with MRS’s support. Perfect timing responding to emails and always been paid on time.  Jacqui Stuart and Alan Wiley in particular have been doing a fantastic job.

Ali A.

MRS have provided great support with my at times very demanding role and also consistently assisting my recruitment needs with quality applicants, providing personalised yet professional assistance as required. I look forward to my continued engagement with MRS.

Neil S. Quality Manager

MRS’s provision of high quality staff in the area of Quality Assurance and Control on our project has enabled our Project delivery team to concentrate on construction rather than quality of the products provided. The net result being efficiency “on the ground” and time and cost savings on the overall project.

Nick M. Quality Manager

Deservedly, MRS has a reputation for prompt and accurate payment of invoices, which is important to contractors, supported by pleasant and helpful staff.  Added to this is their obvious dedication to the company – try ringing Jacqui at 6:30 in the morning – it means the S in MRS also stands for Service, Support and Sincerity.

Terry A QA Coordinator for Completions and Handover

With the opportunity provided by MRS, I have taken in new experiences, formed new friendships and tackled different challenges in a new industry that is the Oil & Gas (previous is infrastructure). The last year has seen me grow, enhancing my skills and developing new ones. I can see me being involved in this industry for a prosperous future. Thanks MRS.

Peter Z. Senior Quality Representative


About Us

Management Resource Solutions (MRS) is a Global company active in supplying technical and strategic services in the Oil & Gas, Construction and Resources Industries.

MRS was formed in 2007 and has since established itself as a market leading Project Management Service Provider. We offer a diverse range of services whilst specialising in Project Management, Contract Personnel and Systems. MRS is ISO 9001 quality assured and focused on delivering high quality services, with emphasis on establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our Clients.


What makes us different

  • Highly experienced and dynamic project management team
  • Excellent back-end systems ensuring reduction of costs and increased profitability
  • State of the art systems providing real time data for clients
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification
  • Large diversified base of highly skilled consultants
  • Nimble, responsive and innovative with a focus on customer’s changing needs

Latest news

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.26.50 PM

Proposed Acquisition of Assets of SubZero Group Limited (“SZG”)

MRS is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive agreement to acquire the core assets of the SubZero Group Limited (the “Acquisition”) for a total consideration of A$6.12 million. Download and read the full document by clicking the below link: SubZero Acquisition Announcement Or read the full document online by clicking here […]


MRS in the Sydney Morning Herald

MRS PLC let the public know that we have been awarded the contract for the dismantling and demolition of the LyondellBasell polypropylene plant in Rosehill Parramatta. The works are planned to commence 15/08/16. The nature of the works is such that it is believed that there will be negligible noise, dust or traffic impacts to the […]


The first MRS Group Newsletter is here! June 2016

The first MRS Group Newsletter is here! (Serving suggestion also shown for your Friday afternoon ?☕ ) MRS Group is the combined strength of Bachmann Plant Hire & Management Resource Solutions. Flip through and download online here: http://anyflip.com/iuxm/lwjn/ Please read and get involved – theres some great news, competitions, tips and information inside.

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